Antibiotics Don’t Always Treat Agitation

It’s been busy out there. I’ve heard a lot about people blaming behavior on bladder infections. Well, sometimes, but all I see is that elders going to the emergency room for agitation often come out with a prescription for antibiotics. What??? So no, antibiotics do not cure agitation. There is the idea that any bladder issue is THE cause of the agitation, and that is dangerous…

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Dementia Caregiver Support Resources

People don’t like to talk about the mental decline of the elderly because it reminds them that such issues could affect them in the future. While Alzheimer’s is the major scare, common dementia is more likely to impact older relatives. Taking care of someone with dementia is a challenging prospect. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to provide dementia caregiver support. We understand, it’s not easy. But you want to be there to take care of your elderly and ailing family members. Dementia caregiver support is very underrated and unknown, but it can be an infinitely useful resource.

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Benefits of Telehealth for Geriatric Care

In the modern age of digital technology, many may assume that the older generations cannot keep up and that they cannot adapt to new forms of communication. However, in general, this is simply untrue. This includes using telehealth. The benefits of telehealth for geriatric patients became more and more apparent throughout the pandemic. Geriatric patients can utilize this system to improve their access to care and reduce healthcare costs.

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Dementia Caregiver: Taking Care of Yourself

Caring for someone with dementia is a stressful and exhausting situation – even more so if the person with dementia is a relative or loved one. It is a 24-hour, nonstop position of great responsibility. And when a dementia caregiver becomes exhausted, they can make some rash decisions. Therefore, the caregiver needs to maintain good physical and mental health for the patient and caretaker’s best interest.

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Caring for Your Bones as You Age

We’ve all seen bent over little old ladies, spines almost folded in two, walking gingerly, slowly, down the street. But how does that happen?

It’s important to remember that bones are a bit like the Golden Gate Bridge: They must be constantly maintained. Your body—like the bridge paint and maintenance crews—is constantly trying to build up your bone, putting down calcium over the protein scaffolding of your skeleton. Meanwhile, bone is constantly being chewed up by the bumps and strains of living, in the same way that wind and water and salt constantly chip away at the famous bridge. It’s a constant process, the wearing away and the building up.

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Telehealth for Seniors: The Doctor Will See You Online

Sometimes it can be challenging to get a clinic appointment. It can be even more challenging for seniors to get the medical care needed for mobility or transportation problems. Telehealth for seniors is an excellent solution for seniors who generally have questions about their physical or mental health. Telehealth supports and augments a treatment plan set up by a patient’s primary care team. One thing many fail to comprehend is that telehealth isn’t doing anything fundamentally different with your care – you are just receiving the care in a different way!

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