Buy ad-hoc classes

  • Pay for a single class 
  • Access to the class for the lifetime of the class itself
  • Take the test to get the CEU hours
  • Access to all downloadable content for that class
  • Access to forums <<need to understand what our capabilities are for membership access levels>>
  • Access to general forums to network with your peers, discuss court content, and get tips and tricks – upgrade to content membership for access to ongoing webinars, workshops, AMA’s, and special events.

This is the level for you if you see a particular class that you really want to use for your professional or personal development and don’t think you are going to want access to other content – including ongoing webinars, past and future classes, workshops, etc.  

You get access to one class for the lifetime of the class, and have the ability to take the test and get the CEU hours for it.  You can come back and review the material as many times as you want, and have ongoing access to the downloadable course materials, like tip sheets, transcripts, etc.


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