Content Membership

$9.99 / month for 12 months





Content Membership

*All classes
*All webinars
*All workshops
Accreditation tests pay per CEU
*except limited special events

  • This is our recommended membership to get started. It’s inexpensive, and gives you access to everything.We host monthly AMA’s with Dr Liz – you can ask her anything you want.We host regular workshops where we take a topic and explore it with audience participation, teaching , and going back and forth.
  • We also broadcast new webinars every month, which are accredited by several organizations.
  • You can watch the webinar and then if you’d like to get the CEU hours, you can pay the CEU charges. These charges are reasonable, and help us produce more content.
  • You get access to all of our forums, you can interact with peers, ask questions of Dr Liz and her staff, and generally learn from the interactions
  • You can take all of the classes that we have, if you want the CEU hours, you just pay to take the test. The cost varies depending on a few factors, and is between $10 and $20 per CEU hour
  • Many classes have downloadable content, for your future reference. You get access to all of those as part of your membership
  • In the future we will be bringing on other media like podcasts, and you have access to those

It’s a great deal. You can learn, take any course you want, and then if you want to get the CEU hours for it, just pay to take the test. Not to mention the ability to interact with the Dr, her staff, and your peers.


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