Difficult Behaviors in Dementia

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Introduction to the Course

This course examines difficult behaviors frequently associated with dementia — agitation, wandering, sundowning, refusal of care, etc. These behaviors can make caregiving undeniably more difficult, but there are ways to mitigate them and improve the quality of life for both patient and caregiver.

Course Audience

The audience for this course is people caring for elders with dementia. This includes family involved in the care of a loved one with dementia, and those employed in the care industry working in residential or daycare facilities.


Course Structure

The course is completed through interactive e-learning which learners can access at their own pace and in their own time. The lessons consist of a series of informative and easily understood video clips from Dr Liz. These are followed by interactive and accessible learning tasks and activities containing further expansion on the subject of each video. The videos and activities cater to all learning types and create a solid knowledge base for each learning objective. Learners will be able to revisit the course after completion in order to recap knowledge as and when needed.


Course Assessment

The course will be assessed through completion of all e-learning sections, followed by a multiple choice quiz assessing knowledge from all eLearning sections. The quiz will be engineered to ensure caregivers have sufficient knowledge from all learning objectives. Learners will gain 70% of correct answers to pass the quiz, and will have 3 opportunities to take the quiz. 


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